Ground and Air Ambulance

Our Services

We know that our customers expect timely response, quality care, and great communication. We also understand that our customers have a choice about who they use to provide ambulance or medical flight transportation for their patients. Therefore, we don’t take it lightly when our customers choose to use our services. We know we have to earn the business with every call for transport and that each transport is an opportunity to make a positive impact.

We serve all of the major hospitals, systems, and skilled nursing facilities in the Greater Memphis area. Because of the reputation we have built since 1997, we are expanding throughout the Mid-South. We have also been the go-to resource for special events across the region providing standby ambulance services. We are a Class A rated ambulance service with the Tennessee Department of Health and also licensed in Arkansas and Mississippi.

Ground and Air Ambulance

We provide the following services for our customers:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Advanced Life Supports (ALS)
  • Advanced Life Support – Vent (ALS-Vent)
  • Critical (Specialty) Care Transports (CCU)
  • Fixed Wing Air Ambulance Transports

Special Events

For special events and sports venues, we contract with event organizers and facilities to provide standby services in case of an emergency. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, our highly trained professionals are committed to providing the highest quality of emergency medical standby services throughout the Mid-South. We encourage special event organizers to call us as soon as possible to ensure availability.


For more information on how we can assist at your next event, please contact Fred Edwards at

Our Difference

To meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, we utilize the following:

  • Advanced digital radio communication system
  • Larger modular ambulances allowing increased space and patient comfort
  • Specially designed bariatric gurneys and Stryker Power Pro XT stretchers
  • Local dispatch center available 24/7/365
  • ALS ambulances with 12 lead EKG transmitting capabilities
  • Zoll X series monitor/defibrillator
  • Pediatric capability
  • Infectious disease transports
  • Fixed wing airplane for medical air transports